Alignment system

Product: Alignment system

MACHINE SUPPORT has over the last decade established a high reputation in the marine field for the erection, alignment and mounting of both main propulsion units and auxiliary equipment. Checking the linebore of a marine diesel is also a typical speciality of the company.

Our work is not limited to onboard activities, however. We offer a valuable all-round engineering service and can obtain on your behalf the necessary certification from classification societies.

Safety is MACHINE SUPPORT's number one priority - whether the job is on board of a ship or in a petrochemical plant. The VCA certificate held by the company guarantees that safety standard.

All our personnel are highly trained and undergo regular refresher courses to to familiarise them with new and advanced equipment. They are thus accustomed to performing to the highest standards. MACHINE SUPPORT is qualified to the international ISO 9001 quality control certificate.

Time is money. By ensuring that operations are conducted with the optimal communications, flexibility and high creativity. The company is able to work within tight time schedules. Wherever you are in the world, MACHINE SUPPORT will save you time and money when it comes to alignment problems.


1.- VIBRACON® SM (readjustable mounting on steel)

  • Great accuracy:

The Vibracon® SM adjustable steel shocks are mounted and secure engines, electric motors, gear boxes, pumps, turbines and other types of machinery to steel foundations with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm.  Vibracon® SM elements replace steel shocks and shims and in most cases make it unnecessary to use adjusting bolts or to machine the top plate.

  • Parallel correction:

The spherical top section of the Vibracon® SM elements can accommodate deviations of up to 4º between the bedplate and the machine foot. This ensures that the load is evenly distributed over the bearing surface.

  • Readjustable:

Vibracon® SM elements can always be readjusted when required. When machinery is lifted from its foundation for overhaul or replacement it is possible to remount it to the same degree of precision.

  •  Extension of the life span of machinery:

The fitting of Vibracon® SM elements greatly reduces micro vibrations and the consequent wear and tear. Breakdowns are thus prevented and the life span of the machines is considerably increased.

  • Vibracon® SM for concrete foundations:

For machine mounted directly onto concrete, MACHINE SUPPORT can supply Vibracon® SM elements with special anchor bolts which can be cast into the concrete.



MACHINE SUPPORT provides these services in an efficient way. .