Amsbeck centrifugal clutch


Product: Amsbeck centrifugal clutch

Amsbeck Centrifugal Clutches offer you full support from a highly trained and qualified workforce carrying out the development and production from a very modern facility using the most cost effective machine tools and equipment.

Computerised clutch performance data is checked and proven by physical tests undertaken independently by a National Scientific Institution. This library of data is then used as a basis for our individual customer consultations and selection of product.

Clutch manufacture even for small batch quantities is carried out on the latest CNC production facilities especially tailored to suite our range of product, this results in a guarantee of high, repeatable, product quality. Together with our own cast iron production, well controlled stock leves and a most efficient assembly facility, our customers world-wide can be assured of availability and excellent value for money from Amsbeck Centrifugal Clutches.

Description of operation and applications:

Centrifugal Clutches operate as a "soft start" or "no load" starting device allowing the prime mover to start and idle without load. This feature is used effectively on drives demanding high starting torque such as high inertia driven equipment. As the prime mover accelerates to a predetermined engagement speed the centrifugal weights engage with the drum and the driven equipment is accelerated smoothly to operating speed.

Advantages of the Amsbeck Centrifugal Clutch:

  • Easy starting of engine driven equipment.
  • No load, soft starting for electric motors.
  • More efficient starting of driven equipment having high inertia.
  • As the clutch disengages at idling speed the driven equipment remains stationary resulting in less wear and longer life.
  • Fully automatic operation thus avoiding operator error.
  • Stalling of the drive is impossible.
  • All clutch linings are totally asbestos free.
  • At idling speed the drive is disengaged thus reducing operating cost by using less fuel or electrical power.


Aplication areas:

  • Industrial machinery:

Refrigeration, sweepers, agricultural machinery, motor driven saws, auxiliary/stand by drives, lawn mowers and ventilation equipment, construction equipmnet, pumps, compressors...

  • Refrigeration systems:

- Amsbeck has a particular model by each type of Refrigeration System, truck...
- The Amsbeckclutch are compatible with Carrier, Thermoking, Sifo and Peter systems.

  • Mini-Karts.


The Amsbeck single stage gearboxes have been developped as a speed reducer for engine driven applications where the driving speed is too high and or the output torque is too low for the driven equipment.

The compact high capacity transmission is capable of accepting powers up to 18.5 KW with standard ratios of 1.6 and 2:1. Non standard ratios are available upon request.