Azimuthing thrusters



Product: Azimuthing thrusters

THRUSTMASTER OF TEXAS, INC. is a leading manufacturer of deck-mounted propulsion equipment. The current product range covers fixed pitch propeller thruster from 35 to 3000 HP. Many hundreds of Thrustmaster system are in use worldwide.

Azimuting thrusters provide maximum thrust in any direction, independent of vessel speed, offering superior manoeuvrability under any conditions.

Thrustmaster's Azimuting thrusters are available for vertical (L) or horizontal (Z) prime mover input.

The advantages Up Front

  • Vessel manoeuvrability is greatly improved.
  • Vessel can turn 360 degree in its own length.
  • Vessel can dynamically position or hold station in open waters.
  • Vessel can berth under adverse weather conditions.
  • Flexible installation, through-hull l mounting requires little space. Thrusters can easily be located with optimum consideration to the hull slope, width and draft of the vessel.