Hydraulic Outboard thrusters


Product: Propulsores hidráulicos fueraborda

Advantages Up Front

  • Mounted on deck, no hull penetrations.
  • Can be installed easily and quickly while vessel is in the water.
  • 360º steering of the propeller provides omni-directional thrust for unequalled manoeuvrability at any vessel speed.
  • Tilt features allows inspections and repairs to be made while the vessel is in the water. If desired, the entire unit may easily be removed from the vessel and repaired separately.
  • Propeller tilt feature allows for shallow water propulsion.

Propulsores hidráulicos fueraborda Aker


Power range availability from 75 to 1000 HP

Hydrostatic transmission a smoother more reliable alternative to mechanical transmission is the drive behind THRUSTMASTER propulsion system. In a hydrostatic system, gear, drive shafts, bearings, clutches and other complicated parts associated with conventional propulsion systems are replaced with hydraulic hoses and fluid.

The hydraulic drive acts a torque converter providing unlimited propeller speed control while protecting the engine from overloading. To eliminating the energy loss of gear transmissions, hydraulic drives also reduce engine noise