Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters



Product: Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters

THRUSTMASTER Tunnel Thrusters

  • Precise control at slow vessel speed.
  • Highly resistant to damage.
  • Infinite Thrust control (port and starboard).
  • Full thrust reversal in 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Few rotating parts; Low maintenance.
  • Quiet, reliable, efficient.
  • Convenient installation.
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Precise control when you need it most.
Tunnel thrusters are primarily used for docking and undocking, slow speed manoeuvring, emergency steering and station keeping at zero or slow forward speed.

Available from: 35 to 1000 HP (25 to 750 kW)
Tunnel diameters: 16 to 77 inches (400 to 1950 mm)
The hydraulic drive is extremely resistant to damage. Foreign objects ingested by the tunnel, (a disastrous event with a mechanically driven bow thruster) will not damage the hydraulic drive train, as the hydraulic system instantly relieves any transmission overloads.

The prime mover can be a non-reversible electric motor or an engine running at a constant speed because the hydraulic transmission controls propeller speed and direction of rotation. There are no drive shafts, gears, bearings or other mechanical components to fail. The hydraulics are virtually maintenance free and provide years of reliable operation while performing in the hardest marine environments.