Multi-cable Transit system


Product: Multi-cable Transit system

MCT BRATTBERG, is more than a fire barrier. Its a multi-functional system developed to meet the need for a multi-cable transit. They can be install in the vessel and in the industrial plant. The advantages are:

    - No insulation on transit.
    - Improved fire ratings.
    - Low smoke index.
    - Halogen free polymer.
    - Reduced weight.
    - Simplified installation.

  The MCT BRATTBERG system has two major components: the FRAME and the PACKING SET.


Frames made of steel are available in four standard sizes that can easily be combined to meet your specific need for cable sealing. Frames are either welded into steel structures or cast into concrete structures. There is a frame design for each application.

  - Stainless steel (SS 2343, DIN 1.4436, ASTM 316)
  - Steel (SS 1312, DIN RST 37-2, ASTM A36)
  - Steel (SS 2132)
  - Aluminum (SS 4212, DIN AIMGSI 1, ASTM 6082-6351)


There are two types of blocks: The insert blocks come in pairs, two halves for each cable. The range of the blocks accommodates cables between 4 and 100 mm in diameter, and the spare blocks, they come in a variety of sizes. The use of spare blocks also allows for the possibility of future expansion in the form of built-in spare room in a penetration.

We are now launching a new insert block for maintenance and repair of sealed cable and pipe transits in hazardous environments. A new insert to add to our wide standard range of cable and pipe insert. And insert adaptable to five different dimensions. AddBlock is the result of a thorough development process, where meeting stringent demands for maximum safety in the even of fire, pressure and explosion has been absolutely fundamental.


MCT BRATTBERG has been tested and certified to cover all major requirements and regulations for cable and pipe transits given by established classification societies.