Oil Water separator plant


Product: Oil Water separator plant

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DVZ-VC "OILMASTER" is the name of our newly developed oil separation system. It is a system that is without a doubt setting new technological and economic standards. It incorporates 20 years of experience in designing and selling over 2.500 oil separation systems. DVZ-VC "OILMASTER" is a combined gravity coalescence system.


To avoid unnecessary mechanical emulsions the oil separator pump draws the liquid through the oil separator from the bilge or the bilge water tank.

Due to the entry of the oil water mixture from above into the oil separator any free oil components are immediately deposited in the dome of the separator on account of the difference in density compared with water. The deposited layer of oil forms a buffer to which other particles of oil cling on account of their adhesion tendency. Consequently, it is an effective aid to separation.
The droplets of oil remaining in the dispersion fall to the bottom of the oil separator in the forced flow. This is where sediments which are heavier than water are deposited.

The remaining dispersion now rises upwards through the coalescence element. Extremely fine particles of oil coalesce here to form drops of definable size, rise under the cover of the coalescence housing on account of their buoyancy volume and form a continuous layer of oil here.

The oil-free water is drawn by the oil separation pump and discharged out of the vessel. An oil content monitor monitors the outboard water for its oil content and feeds it automatically through a 3-way valve back to the bilge if the specified level (15 PPM according to MARPOL) is exceeded.  



A conductivity sensor measures the thickness of the oil buffer in the dome of the oil separator. If the corresponding level is reached it transmits a signal to the electric switching system.  

The oil separation pump changes its direction of rotation and draws liquid from the sea. At the same time the special valve on the cover of the coalescer opens - a technically smart solution from DVZ - and the coalesced oil is forced into the dome of the oil separator. From here it is forced by the Jet Wash to the dirty oil collecting tank of the ship together with the oil collected in the dome of the oil separator. The Jet Wash is a further design highlight from DVZ.

Since the sensor is accommodated in a joint vertical pipe with the oil drain, the oil being discharged flows past the sensor at high velocity and thus prevents sticking due to oil.


Smart technology and economic operation are the special characteristics of our DVZ-VC "OILMASTER" system. The expenditure on maintenance is minimal. It is merely restricted to minor work such as:

  • Occasional lightening up of the pump stuffing box packing.
  • Cleaning the non-return valves.
  • Checking and possibly changing O-rings and soft sealing of the valves.


The DVZ-VC "OILMASTER" is supplied as a compact system, with internal piping and wiring All the yard has to do is connect up the suction and pressure lines as well as the central power supply. The oil separation system should be installed as low as possible in the engine room. The suction head must not exceed 6 cm.

Essential advantages and innovations:

  • Approved for all grades of light and heavy oil. Type approved in accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC 60(33).
  • Residual oil content less than 5 PPM in accordance with IMO test specification.
  • Self-cleaning by reversible pump.
  • No filter or auxiliary filter materials to change.
  • Increased reliability due to DVZ-specific innovations such as automatic sensor cleaning by DVZ Jet Wash oil drainage.
  • Utilisation of the adhesion property of oil as an effective aid to separation.
  • The coalesced dispersion is diverted away into the dome of the oil separator instead of back to the bilge.
  • Coalescence element made of permeable, non-rotting stainless steel material.


The oil separation system DVZ-VC "OILMASTER" is available in six standard types. Customised versions can naturally also be made on request.

Please bear the following in mind: in case of extremely heavy fuel oil and adverse temperature conditions we recommend the automatic DVZ sensor cleaning system.

If heavy fuel oil with a high viscosity is being used one should install a heatable bilge water collection tank.


TYPE 250 500 1000 2500 5000 7000
B 550 680 680 1170 1400 1650
H 1100 1150 1250 1480 1800 1800
T 650 680 680 1100 1250 1450
L Ø400 Ø510 Ø510 1000 1200 1450
a Ø370 Ø470 Ø470 960 1160 1410
a4 180 180 180 250 350 400
a5 310 340 350 550 660 785
h1 1000 1030 1130 1300 1600 1660
h2 300 340 375 350 400 400
h3 1000 950 1050 1250 1600 1600
h4 1000 910 950 1100 1200 1200
d Ø324 Ø406 Ø406 Ø800 Ø1000 1250Ø
A1 R 3/4" R 3/4" R 3/4" DN25 DN32 DN40
A2 R 3/4" R 3/4" R 3/4" DN25 DN32 DN40
A3 R 3/4" R 3/4" R 3/4" DN25 DN32 DN40
A4 R 3/4" R 3/4" R 3/4" DN25 DN32 DN40
A5 R 3/4" R 3/4" R 3/4" DN25 DN32 DN40
empty weight kg 160 250 270 583 800 950
operation weight kg 230 395 395 1125 1800 2500