Single, duplex and self-cleaning filters


Product: Single, duplex and self-cleaning filters

In 1933 the company started production of strainer-basket filters for filtration of fluids. AKO filters are the best answer for filtration of fluids up to a contaminant load of 100 mg/l and above. AKO filter offer customized solutions to problems. The range of AKO filters is used in all sectors of industry and navigation, including water - resources management, the chemical industry, process engineering, air - conditioning and refrigeration and in power engineering, mechanical engineering and the automobile industry.

Filter types:

  • AKO single filters:

Are the right choices for all applications involving fluid filtration in installations permitting brief interruptions in operation. We can supply these filters in a range of materials to be welded and cast, with flange or with pipe connections. Other versions can be supplied on the basis of these standard designs. Reusable strainer baskets are included in the standard equipment. Heatable filter types are available. The filters can also be equipped with various coating materials and reusable filter cartridges. The special equipment we supply on request includes differential-pressure indicators, magnets, and pressure gauges and zinc protector.

  • AKO duplex filters:

Installations equipped with AKO filters do not need to be switched off to clean the filter elements. It suffices to switch over to the filter pot II that is not in operation and to open the filter cover of pot I before carrying out the easy and only item of maintenance work required. The flow of fluid is not constricted during switchover. The valve-changeover filter series can be switched over effortlessly even on large sizes. Complete sealing-off the filter pot not used is an advantage, particularly in the case of aggressive media, in order to permit easy and safe cleaning of the filter elements. The bodies and switchover elements can be coated. The material variations and fitted accessories correspond to the versions already mentioned above.

  • AKO fully automatic self-cleaning filters:

Can be supplied as a single filters and as filter combinations with by-pass filter. The filtering baskets for the fully automatic AKO self cleaning filters are manufactured with exchangeable screen so that you need only screen cylinders as spares. The filtration finenesses are lying between 10 and 60 micron - according to the demands of the engine manufacturers. Upon request the filters can be equipped with magnets.

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