Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger


Company: TRANTER

Product: Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger

There are times when the reliability of your equipment is crucial!

When conditions are tough, crew and equipment are really put to the test. The main engine oil cooler and central freshwater cooler simply have to work. There is no room for compromise when the sea is rough and the harbour far away.

That’s why Tranter offers you the very best. Reliable, compact, and efficient plate heat exchangers that are easy to service and maintain. So, it's no wonder they can be found on board countless vessels all around the world – from luxury yachts to huge container vessels, supertankers and offshore rigs.

Tranter offers an extensive range of gasketed plate heat exchangers specially designed for marine applications. This, combined with our extensive experience and solid technical expertise within marine and industrial applications, makes us a reliable partner.

For many decades our plate heat exchangers have proved to be the perfect solution for various closed-circuit cooling systems at sea. They are also frequently found in other applications on board, such as tap-water production systems and HVAC systems.

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